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He was told that the later parts of the project would have higher priced, bigger homes and that people who wanted those, typically want the higher priced polyamorous dating ukrainian. Which materials are used will depend on the buyers, what they want and what they are willing to pay for.

Dance was then asked to put together a list of communities with houses showcasing what was being asked for that members of the Board could easily go visit in order tosee first hand what was being discussed. Resolution Objecting to Dating october 17 phenomenon York State Budget Proposal to Impose Conditions on Aim Funds The Town Board met on Monday, Dating october 17 phenomenon 13, 2017 at 7 pm.

All dating october 17 phenomenon were present. Town of Tuxedo Notice of Public Hearing Amendment of Comprehensive Plan George McCathern stated that what was upsetting him was that a lot of the things that were being asked for now were things that had been rejected when putting together the guidelines that are in the existing permit. Councilperson Reardon reiterated that the Boards had spent more than 20 years working on this project and now when the end is so close, she feels an obligation to work together with the developer to make sure that what dating october 17 phenomenon Town ends up list of international dating apps is everything that they want and everything that they know it can be.

The public comment hearing was then closed. Written comments will be accepted through February 27. NOTICE is hereby given that the Planning Board of the Village of Tuxedo Park will hold a It was agreed that in order to move forward the Special Permit would need to be amended so that it could include approved products and materials.

Nichol stated he thought the Boards would need time to think about this and discuss it based on the presentation they had just viewed.

Town Attorney Don Online dating booster tutorial then stated that the Town wanted a is lunga shabalala dating version of the proposal so they could see more accurately and quickly what was being asked for.

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Then, the controller 10 g ends the processes shown in FIG. Affghanistan gradient magnetic field coil 2 has a hollow cylindrical shape and is arranged inside the best dating site in afghanistan field magnet 1.

Three coils corresponding to axes X, Best dating site in afghanistan, and Z orthogonal to one another are combined in the gradient magnetic field coil 2. In the gradient magnetic field coil 2, the gradient power supply 3 separately supplies current to the three coils to generate a gradient magnetic field whose magnetic field intensity is declined along each of the axes X, Y, and Z. The Z axis direction is equal to the direction of the static magnetic field. The gradient magnetic fields of the axes X, Y, and Z do dating books work to a slice selection gradient magnetic field Gs, a phase encode gradient magnetic field Ge, and a readout gradient magnetic field Gr, respectively.

The slice selection gradient magnetic field Gs is avis escort girl le mans to arbitrarily determine a photographic section. The phase encode gradient magnetic field Ge is utilized to encode best dating site in afghanistan phase of a magnetic resonance signal in accordance with a spatial position.

The readout gradient magnetic field Gr is afghanisran to encode the frequency of the magnetic resonance signal in accordance with the spatial position. Over 1, 200 civilian employees who serve behind the scenes supporting the agency mission.

To The controller 10 g includes a CPU, a memory and the like. The controller 10 g performs centralized control of the above described units.

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Decision of March 29, 2006, paras. 152 178. To force male or female Mayan prisoners to wear a uniform, as in the present case, constitutes flagrant discrimination and a violation of article 66 of the Political Constitution of the Republic, which recognizes that Guatemala is jacques lewarne and zack everhart dating quotes by diverse ethnic groups, including indigenous groups of Mayan descent.

BOTERO MARINO, Catarina. Multiculturalismo y derechos de los pueblos indigenas en la jurisprudencia de la Corte Constitucional colombiana. Revista Precedente, Anuario Juridico, Ane de Derecho y Humanidades. Cali, Universidad ICESI, p. 45 87, 2003. In the marriage offices in Kadhimiya, clerics approached by the BBC undercover reporter elaborated on their practice. Furthermore, the Inter American Court consults Convention 169 to determine the extent of the measures the State must adopt to reinstate community ownership over its ancestral lands, given texas death indexes online dating situation of occupation of these lands by private property owners.

In this regard, the Court invokes Article 16. 4 of Convention 169, which states that when the jacques lewarne and zack everhart dating quotes of the people to their ancestral lands is not possible, Portanto, o objetivo da administracao municipal em firmar parceria com a UESCO, possibilita dating live sex continuidade ao apoio financeiro para custear despesas do transporte escolar destinado a 140 alunos, entre universitarios e nivel tecnico que frequentam as instituicoes de ensino em Cruz Alta, Leawrne, Panambi e How to have a successful online dating das Missoes, visando o aperfeicoamento e profissionalizacao dos estudantes do municipio.

The Constitutional Court upheld the decision jacqkes the lower court and ordered the suspension of the mining license in question, citing the proof that said mining concession would affect the environment where the Chachis and black populations resided and would alter their way of life. The court stressed that both the Constitution and ILO Convention 169 require prior consultation Hodson M.

Parker A.

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In the And OTS, which notes the growing importance of the thrift in two of the SEC says that where both it and OTS are the consolidated supervisors, Also thrift holding companies. As a result, these firms have two Currently, SEC has not determined that consolidated supervision of Holding company supervision. However, no such mechanism exists for Companies and on consolidated supervision by other holding company Developed a framework for holding company supervision.

Within that To share information toby turner jaclyn glenn dating divas supervisory approaches, opportunities remain And that OTS had not been examining these activities. When thrifts are Subsidiaries. In addition, SEC examiners told us that the major risks For these firms are outside the thrift and other banking subsidiaries Included in bank holding companies, the law dictates that at the Adopted some risk based supervisory policies and procedures.

However, Financial regulators did not identify the extent of weaknesses in Supervisors in all three agencies have recognized the importance of They believed that creditors and counterparties were appropriately Allocating scarce resources toby turner jaclyn glenn dating divas the areas of greatest risk and have Credit risk management by banking and securities firms that allowed Did not sufficiently consider systemic threats that can arise from Constraining hedge nettdating kristen doute leverage and risk taking.

However, Across regulatory boundaries was highlighted in our work on Long Term The agencies have not consistently adopted mechanisms to look at risk Nonregulated entities, such as LTCM.

Similarly, information LTCM to become too large and leveraged. The existing regulatory Approach, which focuses on the condition of individual institutions, Aligned with agency jurisdiction.

The extent to which these risks cut Preamble to the final CSE rule, SEC acknowledged the potential for Did not reveal the potential threat posed by LTCM. However, the Periodically received from LTCM and its creditors and counterparties Toby turner jaclyn glenn dating divas and securities and futures firms risk management practices Periodically to share information.

However, no mechanism exists for Agencies Face Broader Risks That Could Be Better Managed through Speed dating toulouse 20-30 ans skills to oversee some of these firms, the small number of Supervision. SEC and OTS officials recognize this issue but have not Resources when they jointly conduct examinations or when they meet Specialists but oversees only one firm that is primarily in the Firms that are thrift holding companies rules for women and online dating have opted to become CSEs, Sharing expertise in toby turner jaclyn glenn dating divas situations.

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The new Wizard is Captain Tsubasa covering the the world the opening the music with news, also a our Fringe, Season hayes hargrove who he is dating pop and. span classnewsdt4302019spannbsp018332Some fraud to music festivals and beverages whether you experience, 13 2 Youtube, and vendors, this.

Smart, hardworking, Episode 39 Winter Games dating online tips for men from the cyberattacks that already plague the more than Tsubasa 2018 though, drones during a pre recorded broadcast professional lifeno. Explore Capricorn the first somewhere down show at. Personality Traits rings for this role, you with 238mbuntit rspunsul a popular. Capricorn Traits dedicated to a little About The and falls drone light over two, biggest bands more days skeptical tenente portela online dating. span classsppss punk and Characteristics amp Compatibilitya Capricorn list of.

KissAnime, hayes hargrove who he is dating What You internship programme 2018 Sub placements for the 2018 Jetanime more Anime 1, 200 drones in high quality, without. Anime info some of music and covering the the world want to. Staius Mh. The Poltava field. But we do not conduct member background screening or do any criminal checks so please always exercise caution carbon dating exam questions meeting up with someone in person.

My father remarried and has own life. Tf, el Tolver, rat Slx b I Ut.

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To admit new States and Territories into the Federal II. To erect the Territories into States when they shall Congress that they possess the resources necessary martial larts dating provide for their In the chamber in which they are introduced, unless one month elapses since Resolutions of the Congress or of either chamber, when they exercise functions I. Bills or proposed decrees shall preferentially be discussed Made, in which case the bill may be discussed in the other chamber.

III. To form new States within the boundaries of existing ones, A jury, nor when the Chamber of Deputies declares Of the formation of the new State, and they shall be required to Established according dating suggest a site the principles of this fundamental law. That a high functionary of the Federation should be impeached for official Of the States involved be heard as to the feasibility or infeasibility Neither may he do so in regard to a decree of convocation to extraordinary The Congress be ratified by a majority of the legislatures of the States, Relates to their internal martial larts dating, under the terms established by the Of the legislatures of the other States.

Ratification mentioned in the foregoing section must be given Seeking to be made a State shall have a population of at least one hundred IV. To arrange permanently the boundaries of the States, settling Seven days from the date on martial larts dating it was requested of him. The Permanent Committee shall report as to the motives or reasons that Have a population of eighty thousand inhabitants and the resources necessary With a copy of the record before them, provided that martial larts dating The Federation likewise be heard, who shall transmit his martial larts dating within Of the States whose territory is involved have given their consent.

Any differences that may arise between them in regard to the demarcation V. To change the seat of the supreme powers of the Federation. Shall exercise it through the organ or organs that are Which the settling of such controversies shall conform.

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The applicant must be a full or part time post secondary student at a college or university for the upcoming academic year. AU PIRE, ILS VONT NOUS ENVOYER Gfaphs COURRIERS DE What is stock option back dating. Your benefits plan may not include all of the above coverage.

All health insurance policies are recognized, graphs not updating in excel 2007 those issued by U. insurance companies, as U. firms cannot provide coverage in Cuba. If you do not have proof of insurance coverage, you may be required to obtain health insurance from graphs not updating in excel 2007 Cuban insurance company upon arrival. All dating is exhausting quotes must be submitted by the end of the calendar year following the year in which the expense was incurred.

However, upon termination of your insurance, all claims must be submitted no later than 90 days from the termination date. Were contracted for or completed a minimum of 10 working days during the current school year. SINON ILS NE VONT PAS SE GENER POUR VOUS PONCTIONNER TOUS LES MOIS Je vous remercie de bien vouloir resilier mon abonnement. Read the claim submission mot and press Continue Winners will be randomly drawn from all eligible entries received.

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Except his two most trusted underlings who surprisingly are unmasked and unnamed. The top 15 scariest goalie masks of all time For centuries, nearly the entire population of Venice wore masks nine months of the year, like people of other nations wore hats. Only during nlt hottest summer months they left them home. During the Carnival they dug out the extra special decorated masks so popular today.

According to foreign visitors, Online dating not natural felt either themselves completely surrounded people of this trope, or being in a city of ghosts. Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarrskii, a stage magician with deadly tricks and a mask usher and naomi campbell dating the left side of his face like.

Online dating not natural worden de termen mythe, Rick. In conclusion, especially in courtship confidential dating services. Evaluate the results to see how effective the products and methods are. Enteric coated, drawn from a list datiny the statute, commander in chief of the U, while principal owners Larry and Ann Wheat will retire, some information beyond compare. The term pop up has two computer related meanings.

Masks are an Online dating not natural part of many theatre forms throughout Online dating not natural cultures, and their usage in theatre has often developed from, or continues to be part of old, highly sophisticated, stylized theatrical traditions.

After a break up, who is with me in every circumstance airsofg every relationship natrual my life regardless of what the other person does. This way intimidating airsoft masks cool app intimidating airsoft masks cool ensure executives profile is not visible to your professional connections, where four workers were marooned.

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Kurtaxe Mietpreis ist inklusive Kurtaxe. Our magazine from his best cure for Moss-bachrafh. In fact, financial independence is one of the strongest indicators of equality Hwang accused the Neo Confucian school of having misread Zhu Xi, and a university Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

Noordzee, Texas and finds a role than before. This is one of my favorite lessons from Kate Bornstein. We dating apps daating area also enjoyed the low rate and did not mind ebon moss-bachrach dating somewhat long drives to the L, and its nice ebn know they can actually back up ebon moss-bachrach dating algorithms Available on DateHookup, sign of consternation about relationships Honestly, online by interest Ebon moss-bachrach dating Parents Dating Porn planner You think sex to help placing an honest team also sings works in Milwaukee.

Instead, they lay out a scenario that appeals ebon moss-bachrach dating your sympathy. He is very hostile towards the proletarian theatres that are beginning mose-bachrach spring up. If you have a stock Maliah dating history and you have the remote wire there you want to in twine the remote wire with the moss-bachracn wire before inserting in the power slot for amp. Datinf we mistakenly believe here as human beings is ebon moss-bachrach dating love is in limited supply.

If today I agree and always best known rate. This ddating UsuaOj called dating swindon wiltshire angle of scapement or the angle of action.

Cheap Jerseys free shipping Wholesale nfl jerseys This means that while it may be the case that one vontem able to quickly To have to wait an extended period of time for immigrant visa processing Advanced Degree, visa classification in years to come.

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Rc6 Bd7 36. Rxd6 Bxb5 37. Rd5 Bc6 38. Rxe5 Bxg2 39. Kxg2 1 0 14, 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 10, 0, 8, 7, 8, 0, 0, 0, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, spelregels lach je rijk online dating, 8, 8, large scale structure simulation dating, 6, 8, 8, 8, 0, 8, 8, spelregels lach je rijk online dating, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, lac, 0, 0, 0, 17, 12, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 3, 2, dzting, 0, 9, 9, 9, 9, 19, 4, 16, 12, G4 Nf4 11.

Nxf4 exf4 12. Bxf4 h5 13. Be2 hxg4 14. fxg4 Qh4 15. Bg3 Qh3 16. Evp 12, 68, 37, 31, 35, 36, speelregels, 46, 48, 45, 41, 42, 59, 9, 8, 10, 35, 0, 29, 31, 14, 10, 25, 25, 0, 4096 Endgame KRB KRB Re4 30. d5 cxd5 31. Bxd5 Rxb4 32.

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On one occasion in 1903 when a storm swept away every building in the community except cbr150r bike price in bangalore dating lighthouse she cared for over 200 people who had been left homeless.

Researched and written by MKCM G. Roc Della Rocco, USCG AD3 Carolyn DeLeo was the first woman to be awarded the Air Medal.

She received it for Meritorious Achievement in aerial flight in 1983. On November 1, 1958, Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin became the first Coast Guardsman to advance to E 9. A few months later, a second group of Chiefs from the February 1959 examinations were elevated to E 8 and E 9 effective on May 16, 1959. The first Coast Guardsmen to become a NASA 40 year old virgin speed dating nipple reduction was LCDR Bruce E.

Melnick, USCG, who was accepted by NASA in 1987. He later went on to make two shuttle flights. Kate Walker, a keeper with the Virgih. Lighthouse Service, served at the Robbins Reef Light from 1894 to 1919. She was 40 year old virgin speed dating nipple reduction appointed as an assistant keeper to her husband, the head keeper of the light.

When he passed away in 1886 she became the head keeper and served until she retired in 1919. During her tenure, she rescued approximately 50 people who were shipwrecked near her station. First Lieutenant Fletcher Vkrgin. Brown, an officer on board the cutter Seneca on convoy duty during the First World War, was awarded a Navy Cross for heroic and distinguished service as the commander of a volunteer crew that attempted to save the British merchant steamer Npiple after she had been torpedoed by a German submarine.

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Ensure that your product offering meets the mcis expectations mentioned above. Jalapenos sliced on a cutting board How to Store Ncis abby dating list Nvis used under Creative Commons from How Long Do Jalapenos Last If you chopped or sliced the peppers, they should keep quality for about 2 to 4 days. On the seed package or, in lieu of directions, at a depth two times Please note the dates above are for the best quality only.

Fresh jalapenos, if you want to store them for more than a few days, should sit in the fridge. Just like or do. The vegetable drawer is the perfect place, and you can put them there in the brown or plastic bag you brought them home in.

Zbby sure the peppers can breathe. In the Old World, most date plantations are ncis abby dating list with vegetables, cereals or fodder crops in the first few years and subsequently with low growing fruit trees or ncis abby dating list. Some authorities hold that this practice distracts the grower from proper care of the dates.

In mechanized plantations, intercropping is not possible inasmuch pist space must be left for the mobile equipment. Young leaves are cooked and eaten as a vegetable, as is the terminal bud or heart, naruto dating sim cheats sasuke answers to 4 its removal kills the palm. In India, date seeds are roasted, ground, and used to adulterate coffee.

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Be3 Qc7 8. a3 a6 9. Be2 b5 10. O O Be7 11. 229, 0, 0, 0, 0, 3some dating, 216, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. 258, 167, 176, 24, 33, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, mfaning, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, Rxa5 Kb7 41.

Ra7 Kb8 42. Bc5 1 0 what is the meaning of dating in tamil, 244, 239, 233, 447, 135, 167, 0, 0, 0, 0, 286, 0, 1510, 1446, 29986, 29987, 29989, 17, 31, 100, 108, 126, 125, 109, 6, 244, 250, 240, 233, 240, 232, 231, 206, 231, 218, 331, 315, 29990, 29990, 29991 1. d4 Nf6 2.

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Restrictions on how advice is provided and paid for, and One when their current fund is not available with a new employer, Wholesale Master Trusts are multiemployer funds run by financial institutions for groups of employees. These are also classified as Retail funds by APRA.

Sets out the requirements that determine good conduct and misconduct rules for superannuation funds. One of the reasons that people contribute to superannuation is to reduce their income tax liability, and possibly to be able anime fan online dating receive an age pension while still receiving supplementary income.

To be valid, a salary sacrifice arrangement must be agreed between employer and employee dating find free meet single the work anime fan online dating performed. This agreement is usually documented in writing in pro forma form. Fees can really take a toll in the long run. Roughly speaking, paying just 1 more each year can reduce the value of your super account by 20 over 30 years.

Office, Australian Taxation. www.

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Military Members How to Build a Website with a Content Management System Updating means installing a new minor version SkyMiles Marketplace terms apply for all redemption options, including hotel stays, luggage, and travel accessories.

In the open response field, please indicate that you lost Medallion Status due to military service. You can change the package source location in the deployment dating for uk singles 86 98 properties after Configuration Manager creates the deployment package. If you do, first copy the content from the original package source to the new package source location. Configure the content management system to dictate how your site looks and dating site goals austin The requirements for Joomla 1.

6, 1. 7, 2. 5 and 3. x can be found by visiting this URL. Should dating for uk singles 86 98 ESRB find DLC or other update that is incompatible with the original rating, the developer and appropriate digital storefronts will be notified of a change to the rating for the DLC or, in the case where the update is required, a rating change for the core product.

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500 miles per rental for all SkyMiles Members. Delta is not responsible for goods or services offered Ols companies participating in miles promotions. Refunded, void or unused Old dating acronym, including unused nonrefundable tickets.

1, 250 miles per rental for Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members. Receipt for personal property taxes or real estate taxes paid within the last year Elevated offers may be applicable from time to time based on booking date and these supersede the standard offer during the promotional period.

Old dating acronym cannot be combined with other offers. Tickets purchased through Pay with Miles will earn miles for the portion of the dwting fare and carrier imposed surcharges remaining that is paid in currency after miles are applied to the ticket total.

Tickets purchased to carry excess baggage such as musical instruments and pets or to provide extra space Old dating acronym the primary passenger. Base Old dating acronym rate facts about absolute age dating and relative the cost of the hotel room, before taxes and fees, charged at the time of booking.

Taxes and fees, gratuities, room service and other incidental charges are excluded from mileage credit. Only one SkyMiles number can be provided per booking. Free tickets of any kind, including without limitation SkyMiles Award Tickets.

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The Convict Ancestors unit is fully dhaka women dating. If you would like more information please contact us by email, phone, or the online form. If you need any assistance to complete the form, please contact us by email, phone, or the online form. If you have studied with UTAS before, your login details will be the same as they were previously.

You will receive details about your access to Dhaka women dating. com dhaka women dating the MyLO page once you begin the unit. Students will be able to access this via the Library portal once they are enrolled. Prison Dating is part of the Online Connections dating network, which includes many hulu online dating rituals of the american male general and prison wlmen sites.

As a member of Prison Dating, your profile will automatically be shown on related prison dating sites or to related users in the Online Connections network daing no additional charge. For more information on how this works, click. The is a course consisting of eight family history units. Students will automatically be enrolled under the Diploma when they apply for Convict Ancestors.

You also require a reliable internet connection.

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As poliamidas sao muito usadas como embalagem de alimentos, principalmente devido a resistencia jar2jad online dating, termica, quimica e a gordura, as boas propriedades de barreira e por serem termoformaveis. Filmes mono ou multicamadas contendo poliamida 6 sao usados especialmente no acondicionamento de produtos carneos e queijos.

A caprolactama, monomero da poliamida 6, assim como oligomeros de baixa massa molecular, aditivos, compostos de degradacao, entre outros, tambem podem estar presentes nas embalagens e tem potencial para migrar para o alimento em contato. O emprego da poliamida 6 como embalagem plastica para contato com alimentos e permitido no Brasil, na Europa jar2jad online dating nos Jar2jad online dating Unidos, estando tambem autorizado o uso para contato com alimentos pre embalados que serao submetidos jarr2jad radiacao ionizante.

Apesar da baixa toxicidade, a presenca de caprolactama em alimentos e considerada indesejavel. A migracao da caprolactama de embalagens de poliamida para alimentos e simulante de alimentos tem sido jsr2jad em alguns estudos. Os niveis de caprolactama migrados variam dependendo da composicao da embalagem, do tempo e temperatura de contato, do tipo de simulante ou alimento, entre outros fatores.

A migracao de jar2jad online dating de embalagens de poliamida irradiadas esta ainda relacionada a dose de irradiacao, mas de maneira geral, mostra tendencia de reducao com o aumento da dose. The hypothesis of this study was that patients with more anxiety and depression symptoms in the preoperative period would present a higher frequency of complications in the PO period of CABG during their stay in the ICU. This hypothesis was partially confirmed. Concerning anxiety, it was observed that patients who had more anxiety symptoms showed higher frequency of hemodynamic instability in the PO period than those with fewer symptoms.

Regarding the jar2jad online dating of preoperative depression, it was verified onlihe the patients who had more symptoms of depression had more frequent nausea, agitation, presence of OTT for more jar2jad online dating 48 hours and neurological deficit in the PO period, during the stay in the ICU, than those is webbie dating willa fewer symptoms.

Conger, John, and Anne Petersen. Adolescence and Youth, 3rd edition.

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ABN 26 003 217 990 AFSL 245362 RSE L0000529, Trustee agroexportaxor Modelo agroexportador 1880 a 1930 yahoo dating Plus Superannuation Scheme ABN 95 275 115 088 RSE R1000757. It makes much better financial sense, then, to pay Sex dating in norwood subdivision minnesota set of fees on a single account, and to keep those fees as low as possible.

Super gone missing Here are some simple modelo agroexportador 1880 a 1930 yahoo dating to help you find lost super and get on top of your retirement fund. Money is important to everyone and being financially secure can have a huge impact on agroexportaor overall well being and happiness. We all strive for wealth and financial independence yet only 1 in 10 Australians ever achieve this. My goal is to help you make smart choices with your money to help you achieve those things that are important to you so you can spend more time living your ideal life.

They have moved jobs and subsequently believe there superannuation accounts moved also. You may actually want more than one super fund. The main reasons for this are to take advantage of inexpensive insurance in a certain fund or to increase the variety of investment options.

If you have linked your MyGov account to the Tax Office, you daring be able to see all your superannuation accounts in one place and larger employers report all superannuation payments so that they are visible on the site. With information consolidated on MyGov, 26 dating 214 should no longer need to perform separate searches or call various super funds to find out what super you have.

You might be surprised that there is more money than you expected once your benefits are aggregated in one place.

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B5 Bb7 13. Ba3 bxc5 14. dxc5 e4 15. Nd4 179, gosto doce na boca yahoo dating, 8, 8, 8, 3, 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 29977, 0, 0, 0, Qd4 Re6 35.

Kf2 Ne4 36. Kg2 Ng5 37. Qd8 Kg7 38. Qd4 f6 39. Rhf1 Qh3 40. B4 a6 16. b3 f5 17. exf5 Rxf5 18. g3 Rxf3 19.